Wrapped and Packed

we bring it all.

Let us simplify things by supplying all your needed materials for a hassle free move.

We will always ensure your personal belongings are securely wrapped and loaded to avoid damage during your move.


If you need help packing your belongings, we will schedule that service for the day prior to your move or the same day if possible.

All supplies needed for your packing job are charged at an itemized rate to avoid over-billing.

Typical materials brought to your move:

  • Mattress Bags - $10/ea  (To maintain proper sanitation standards, mattress bags are required. You are welcome to provide your own or purchase from us.) 

  • 4 Wardrobe Boxes - $10/ea 

  • Tape - $2.5/ea 

  • Boxes/Cardboard - $2.50/ea

  • Brown Paper Pads - $2.50/ea 

  • Carpet shield - $40 per box 

  • Plastic Wrap - $0 

  • Furniture Pads - $0 , if returned

  • Dollies - $0

  • Basic Tool Bag for assembly - $0

  • Floor Protection/Runners - $0

Packing Dishes
Loaded Truck